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Last Updated on May 27, 2019 by Aminul Haque Shahin

Are you an aspiring advocate?

Do you want to practice law in Bangladesh?

If you want to practice law in Bangladesh, you first have to participate in the Bangladesh Bar Council exam. The Bangladesh Bar Council is a statutory body of the Bangladesh Legal Practitioners.

The autonomous body of the Government was established under the Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Act, 1972.  Under the President’s Order No. 46 of 1972, it is the governing body for the Legal Practitioners in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Bar Council Members

The Bar Council of Bangladesh is comprised of 15 Members. Of the 15 Members, the Attorney General of Bangladesh is one and is the Chairman ex-officio as well.

The 14 other Members are elected by Advocates. The Advocates participate in an election to determine the 14 other Members. The 14 Members serve a term of 3 years. The 14 Member quota is further divided into two groups.

Each group consists of 7 Members. The one group of Members are elected for General Seats. The other group of Members is elected by Zonal or Group seats.

Among the 14 elected members, there requires an election amongst themselves to determine a Vice Chairman and different standing committee.

The includes positions for Viz-Executive Committee, Legal Education Committee, Finance Committee, etc.

With 15 Members, Bangladesh Bar Council acts as the licensing and regulatory body for all eligible advocates in Bangladesh. So, as you can see, in order to practice law in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Bar Council has to determine that you are eligible.

So, how does the Bangladesh Bar Council determine whether you’re eligible?

The Bangladesh Bar Council organizes an Enrollment Examination to determine future Advocates. Pupils who successfully passed the Enrollment Examination will be adjudged “Advocates”.

Eligibility for Participating in the Bar Council Exam

  1. You have to be a Bangladeshi citizen
  2. You have to have a Law degree obtained from any recognized university in Bangladesh
  3. You can also have a Law degree obtained from any recognized overseas university
  4. Before appearing in the examination, you have to seek an apprenticeship and accompany a practicing advocate for at least 6 months. The practicing advocate has to have at least 10 years standing in the profession
  5. A person who passed the LL.B course is eligible to seek apprenticeship from a practicing advocate

Enrollment Examination

  1. Once you are determined eligible to participate in the exam, you will be provided with an Admit Card to participate in the Exam
  2. The Enrollment Committee of the Bangladesh Bar Council holds and supervises the examination process
  3. You have to participate in MCQ, Written and Viva-Voce examinations to appear successful for being an Advocate
  4. You have to acquire 25 marks out of 50 marks in order to pass a viva-voce examination. You will have three attempts to pass the viva-voce examination

Bangladesh Bar Council Exam Registration

  1. Fill up a designated registration form duly
  2. The registration form is prescribed by the Bangladesh Bar Council
  3. You have to submit the contract of pupilage to the Secretary of Bar Council within 30 days of submitting the form
  4. You also have to turn in the affidavit testifying that you executed the form of such contract
  5. You have to deposit a fee of 800 BDT to the bank designated by the Bangladesh Bar Council
  6. When submitting your registration form to the Bangladesh Bar Council, you have to enclose the receipt of bank draft

Key Points to Remember

  • Once you have submitted your application for pursuing an Advocate career within the Bangladesh Bar Council, the Council will approve a 5-year validity period
  • Within 5 years, you will have to pass the Bangladesh Bar Council Enrollment Examination
  • If a candidate fails to pass the written examination within 5 years of the time he/she applied for registration, his/her registration will be revoked

Fees to Pay to the Bangladesh Bar Council

  • Registration Fee for Enrollment: 400 BDT
  • Examination Fee for Enrollment: 350 BDT
  • Retake & Viva-Voce Examination Fee: 100 BDT

Bottom Line

If you want to be an advocate and practice law in Bangladesh, you have to apply to the Bangladesh Bar Council. The Bangladesh Bar Council will take examinations to determine whether you’re eligible for practicing law. Learn what it takes to be an Advocate in Bangladesh from this article.